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Get Involved: Grand Junction (Area 7) - Rifle Creek Fish Screen Cleaning

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Rifle Creek Fish Screen Cleaning


The fish screen on Rifle Creek below Rifle Gap reservoir was constructed in order to prevent undesirable fish from entering the creek and then eventually migrating down to the Colorado River. The screen has proven to be very effective in capturing fish and not allowing them to enter the watershed. Aquatic vegetation builds up on the screen, causing it to become ineffective and allowing water to flow through. The screen needs to be cleaned daily in the summer months, and a volunteer to assist staff with this task is highly desired. The cleaning is not particularly difficult, but it can be strenuous at times with leaning and lifting. Tools will be provided to assist with screen cleaning. Training will also be provided.

Time Commitment:

May 1 through September 30. Volunteer commitment is at least two hours, one time per week, performing a thorough cleansing of the screen.

Volunteer Benefits:

Assist staff with maintaining a fish screen below Rifle Gap Reservoir.

General - Ongoing Volunteering, Wildlife - Aquatic Biology/Surveys
Rifle Gap State Park

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