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Get Involved: Stagecoach State Park - Resident Volunteer

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Resident Volunteer


Maintenance: assist campground hosts completing their responsibilities and fill in, in the event of a host departure or unavailability. Under direction from the park resource technician, perform maintenance such as weed control, tree, and trail maintenance projects in designated areas of the park. You may also assist with other maintenance and landscaping projects which may include, but are not limited to; painting fences and buildings, erecting new park signage, maintaining park tools and machinery, washing vehicles and cleaning bathrooms. Entrance Gate: serve three, eight hour shifts per week at the Park Office or Park Entrance Station. Responsibilities include: answering phones; greeting and assisting park visitors with park and local area information as well as campsite reservations; selling parks passes, camping permits, registrations, and wildlife licenses; balancing shift boxes as needed; counting self serve revenue; monitoring radio communications; serving at the Park Office information desk; assisting with word processing and data entry on computers; filing and other clerical tasks as needed; design and prepare displays for bulletin boards; marketing and advertising park programs; assisting with writing and editing brochures, fact sheets, and manuals; producing artwork or graphic designs for publications, signs or flyers and assisting with special events as needed. Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS): inspect for invasive Zebra/Quagga Mussels, Milfoil or other plant species on boats and personal watercraft at an inspection point on the park. This is an important position for the protection of natural resources from non-native species that threaten wildlife, drinking water/irrigation and all water related outdoor recreation in the State of Colorado. Daily interaction with park visitors requires effective communication and public relations skills. Serve at the park ANS inspection station; Conduct physical boat inspections and boater interviews; Provide information and assistance to the boating public (distributes brochures, promotes ANS education, educates about State Park regulations, etc.); Cleaning and light maintenance duties of interior and exterior of ANS inspection areas, including maintenance of facilities and grounds; Accurate counting and recording of all boat inspections; Photo-copying and filing; May document and report visitor complaints; Other duties as assigned. Invasive Weed Removal: oversee the environmental weed control program, spray trails and picnic pads, repair and construct fence, trail maintenance, cleanup park grounds and facilities, complete special or seasonal maintenance tasks as needed. Weed removal may require killing weeds by several types of methods, such as wearing a backpack and using chemical spray or physically removing them by hand. Trailer size limitation: 40 ft Amenities Available: Vary by site. Include Water, Sewage, Electric (30 and 50 amp). Wi-Fi available at the Gate/Park/Office/Marina. Very limited cell service.

Time Commitment:

24 hours per person per week

Volunteer Benefits:

Your varied skill set and desire to be outdoors in the will be a great asset at our park! Volunteers enjoy beautiful views and amazing recreation opportunities year-round.

Maintenance and Construction - Maintenance and Construction, Habitat and Trail Work - Weed Management, Maintenance and Construction - Grounds/Facility Maintenance, General - Ongoing Volunteering, Maintenance and Construction - Landscaping, Maintenance and Construction - Equipment Repairs, Habitat and Trail Work - Trail Building/Maintenance
Stagecoach State Park

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