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Hunter Outreach Conejos Assistance


Conejos Youth Camp is an annual three day camp for youth in Conejos County. Youth can earn their hunter education card as they learn hunting, fishing, and outdoor skills as well as wildlife information. Volunteers assist with overseeing groups and/or instructing at station rotations- ranging from archery, fishing, wildlife identification, first aid, and shooting sports. Experience teaching these skills is highly preferred, as is a status as a Hunter Education Instructor.

Time Commitment:

1-3 full days, usually during the first week of June each year.

Volunteer Benefits:

Opportunity to share outdoor-related knowledge/skill with youth in an immersive learning environment and meaningful community event.

Education - Teach Children, Education - Firearm Practice and Safety, Education - Teach Fishing Skills, Education - Teach Archery Skills, Education - Education and Outreach, Wildlife - Wildlife